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The OLDjOE Infirmary ecommerce website was formally founded in May of 1998.
Prior to then the website was more of a hobby website that showcased restorations of vintage GIjOE, Action Man, Captain Action, Johnny West, and a host of others. For many years restoration services were offered to 12 inch GIjOE collectors and as a result hundreds of vintage figures were repaired, restored, and transformed back to their original glory. The repair part of our business was retired back in early 2002 and our main focus became the development, production, and retail marketing of 12 inch action figures, uniforms, and accessories. Over the years OJI has brought to market dozens of products under the Infirmary Exclusives© & FemBasix© labels as well as many other OEM product lines that we produced for clients under their own private label.

Today OJI is a valued resource among collectors as one of the original vendors to take an integral part in the resurgence of 12 inch action figure collecting. Although it hasn't been easy at times, OJI has stood the test of time despite changes to the economy.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers for the years of support for
oldjoeinfirmary.com, ojitoys.com, and our eBay account oldjoeinfirmary-oji.. Enjoy!
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